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Kitchen kitties Cat’s Life Handy shopper. Size: 335 x 400mm. BPA free and dishwasher safe water bottle. Capacity: 500ml 83536 Shopper £2.99 83065 Water Bottle £5.50 18 Order today: 08443 248 523 Feline Fine Snack Pot Double-walled stainless steel to keep food cold for up to eight hours or warm for up to six. Foldable carry handle with leakproof lid. Capacity: 500ml 83438 £14.99 Cat Bag Clips Don't let the cat out of the bag! Set of six assorted mini clips to keep food fresh. £5.50 each 83831 Set of six Black Cats 82814 Set of six Mixed Cats Best seller Cat Kitchen Timer Novelty 60-minute kitchen timer. 69888 £8.50 Cat Mugs Ceramic mugs, dishwasher and microwave safe. Mug height: 88mm, Latte height: 127mm £7.99 each 76962 Crazy Cat Lady Latte 76347 Cats & Flowers 76345 Cats & Floral Pattern 76347 76962 76345 Peek a Boo Black Cat Mug Ceramic, lidded mug. Not dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. Size: 140mm 83477 £7.99 Feline Fine Thermal Cup Keeps liquids cold for up to eight hours or warm for up to six hours. Stainless steel inner, steam release valve and secure flip up cover. BPA free. Not dishwasher safe. Capacity: 330ml 83338 £12.99 Kim Haskins Black Cat Drinks Bottle Stainless steel hot and cold thermal insulated bottle. Capacity: 500ml 82293 £14.99