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Puzzle & Roll (up to 3000pc Puzzle Roll)

Puzzle & Roll (up to 3000pc Puzzle Roll)

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Ref: FAL17691

In stock

Puzzle & Roll is the easy way to store or carry unfinished puzzles and loose jigsaw pieces. Simply build the jigsaw on the specially designed puzzling felt and when you are ready to take a break or store it away for another day you simply roll the felt mat around the Puzzle & Roll tube and fasten with the straps provided. The special fabric keeps all the jigsaw pieces in place. The fastening straps then keep the puzzling mat securely in place around the tube for easy storage and transportation of the jigsaw. Jigsaw puzzle not included.

Unique, special puzzling felt to keep all the jigsaw pieces safe and seure.
Suitable for standard 1500 piece - 3000 piece puzzle (up to 122 x 85cm approximately).
Felt mat measures 150 x 100cm (approximately)..
Felt mat rolls round the cardboard cylinder to hold pieces in place
Includes three fastening straps.

Price: 13.99

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