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For your cat 27 Order today: 08443 248 523 Christmas Cat Treats Tasty, festive cat treats for the Christmas countdown. 83950 Luxury Deli Advent Calendar (24 meaty treats), 100g £6.50 83354 Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking (Three courses of delicious treats) £7.00 83951 Natural Selection Box for Your Cat, 160g £6.00 Little Nipper Cat Toys Catnip-filled feline fun. 82600 Mighty Mouse £3.50 Size: 100mm 82601 Kitty Crunch £5.00 Size: 180mm Christmas Cat Toy Stocking Festive stocking filled with five balls with different textures for feline playtime. Height: 200mm 83952 £6.00 Chip and Chap Cat Toys Set of two catnip-filled toys. Length: 150mm 81412 £5.50 Bee Chase Stick Encourage the chase instinct. Fun cat toy with wooden stick, twine and cute, fabric bee. Length: 400mm 84060 £6.00 82600 82601 Gingerbread House Cardboard Cat Den Ideal for scratching and Christmas catnapping. Supplied flat, easy to assemble, no glue needed. Size: 380 x 455 x 430mm 84067 £14.99 Detail Available end of Sept 2023