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28 Order today: 08443 248 523 Create a pawsome paradise for your cat with our exclusive cat care range, fully approved by our specialist veterinary team. Every purchase will help the cats and kittens in Cats Protection’s care, providing them with all the food, warmth and love they need until they find their forever homes. Cat Care Bundle Cat care essentials. Contains a feeding/ water mat (430 x 310mm), catnip bag and two metal feeding bowls (diameter 180mm) with rubber grip base. CCC82789 £9.98 Fun Cat Bundle A bundle of fun for your feline. Contains burlap catnip bag, wooden stick toy, two pack catnip sisal ball and sack and two catnip mice. CCC82791 £12.96 Playful Cat Bundle Playtime for your cat. Contains six play balls, burlap catnip bag, wooden stick toy and two pack catnip sisal mouse and sack. CCC82792 £10.96 Dual Surface Cardboard Scratcher Scratching is a key behaviour for your cat and helps them mark their territory by leaving scent messages for other cats as well as maintaining claw health. Size: 390 x 210 x 45mm CCC82798 £7.99 Exclusive to Cats Protection