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Cat care collection 29 Order today: 08443 248 523 Litter Tray and Scoop Spaciously sized tray so your cat can comfortably turn and dig. The lowered lip ensures easy access and will be especially beneficial for older cats with mobility issues. Size: 420 x 320 x 120mm Easy-to-use scoop (270 x 130mm) with strong plastic handle for cleaning up your pet's litter hygienically. CCC82803 Litter Tray only £6.99 CCC82790 Litter Tray and Scoop £8.98 Fleece Blanket Soft and warm, ideal for snuggling into when a cat nap calls. Size: 120 x 120cm CCC82801 £5.99 Radiator Hammock Cat-nap radiator hammock for the purrfect cat nap. Size: 380 x 500mm CCC82809 £12.99 Cosy Cat Beds For the purrfect cat nap! Cats feel safer in a private, secure place and all cats should be provided with a sleeping area in their home. Comfortable and cosy, these beds allow your feline companion to hide away when they want to, as well as being the perfect spot for that all-important cat activity, sleeping! CCC82807 Igloo Bed Size: 400 x 350 x 280mm £16.99 CCC82805 Donut Bed Size: 480 x 480 x 200mm £11.99 Pop-Up Cat Tunnel Cat and kitten pop-up play tunnel for plenty of fun and games. Size: 860 x 260mm CCC82808 £7.99 Grooming Arch Helps stop shredding and scratching with durable bristles and a sturdy carpet base. Size: 370 x 290 x 350mm CCC82806 £9.99 Approved by Cats Protection vets