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About Cats Protection

About Cats Protection

What we do
Cats Protection is the UK's largest cat welfare charity, and cats are at the heart of everything we do.

We rehome around 34,000 cats each year, finding them perfect new families and creating life-long bonds.

We neuter around 130,000 cats every year, helping to keep the cat population under control and prevent unwanted kittens from being born.

We provide support to cat owners and help people of all ages to see the world through cats' eyes. We also champion the welfare of cats through campaigning and community outreach.

All of this is helping us work towards our vision of a society where every cat has their best possible life because they are protected, cared for and understood by everyone.

To help us improve the lives of cats across the UK, we rely on the generosity of people like you. When you shop with us, all of the profits go towards helping us carry out our vital work, making a huge difference to the nation's cats. Thank you for your support.

Millie's marvellous reunion

Tears were inevitable when wandering Millie was reunited with her family after six years, thanks to the incredible efforts of our Haslemere adoption centre.

Millie’s family had given up hope of seeing her again and were overjoyed to hear their much-loved, 11-year-old family cat had been found safe and well.

Carers scanned Millie for a microchip after she was reported as abandoned and arrived at the centre but soon realised that the address
was out of date. All that could be done was to send a letter to the listed address and hope the new occupant had forwarding details.

Deputy Manager Anna said: “Amazingly, the letter found its way to Millie’s owners, and they came to collect her. The children were overwhelmed to have their family cat back after so long.”

Millie’s owner said: “We are so happy as a family to have Millie back home after six years. Millie and my son were really close and, even though he is 20 now, he cried when he saw Millie for the first time. She knew who he was straight away. I want to say a massive thanks to you all for what you have done for Millie. From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you.”