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Catnip sack

Catnip sack

Ref: 60613

Cloth sack containing organic catnip.

Size: 120 x 185mm.
Best seller!

Although tough, it is not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet.

Price: 3.50

Customer Reviews

  Excellent Long-lived Gift for your Cat  My cats love these organic catnip sacks! They rub themselves all over the sack and the sack is so well-made it stays good for weeks if not months unlike other catnip toys they play with. When the catnip gets older a few seconds of crushing the sack in your hand and it is good as new.  (30/10/2016) Renee - Glasgow

  Catnip   Great thank you. My Cats' love it, they wash it constantly, flip it over, roll on it. It certainly keeps them entertained.   (18/05/2018) SALLY - PAIGNTON

  Amazing  If your cat likes catnip, they will absolutely LOVE this! My cat plays with it at least once a day! I bought spare ones, and 2 for my friend that has cats. Money well spent.   (12/11/2018) Ali - Devon

  Catnip pouch is a big hit with my cat!   These catnip play pouches are awesome. My cat adores them. So much fun! Would definitely recommend  (09/12/2022) Debbie - Aberdeen

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