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Catnip sack

Catnip sack

Ref: 60613

Cloth sack containing organic catnip.

Size: 120 x 185mm.
Best seller!

Although tough, it is not indestructible. Check toys regularly and if they become damaged, please take them away from your pet.

Price: 3.50

Customer Reviews

  Excellent Long-lived Gift for your Cat  My cats love these organic catnip sacks! They rub themselves all over the sack and the sack is so well-made it stays good for weeks if not months unlike other catnip toys they play with. When the catnip gets older a few seconds of crushing the sack in your hand and it is good as new.  (30/10/2016) Renee - Glasgow

  Catnip   Great thank you. My Cats' love it, they wash it constantly, flip it over, roll on it. It certainly keeps them entertained.   (18/05/2018) SALLY - PAIGNTON

  Amazing  If your cat likes catnip, they will absolutely LOVE this! My cat plays with it at least once a day! I bought spare ones, and 2 for my friend that has cats. Money well spent.   (12/11/2018) Ali - Devon

  Catnip pouch is a big hit with my cat!   These catnip play pouches are awesome. My cat adores them. So much fun! Would definitely recommend  (09/12/2022) Debbie - Aberdeen

  The only one our Harvey likes  Weve tried all sorts and types of catnip for our Harveycomplete disinterest. These lil pouches, however, are enjoyed so much by him that we have to retrieve them periodically to dry them out. Absolute winner for us. Also CP has the best price that we could find online.  (19/02/2023) Julia - Dovercourt